The Govenor's Court

Residing in the Old Govenor's Mansion, where the cities Patrician resided before the fall. This group sees itself as the rightful rulers of the city, and no one has been able to totally disabuse them of this perspective. this is due to them having the two biggest currencies Pindimar recoginises today, food and security.

The Court, as they are known by most are, get both from the Govenors Mansion. this fortified mansion and surrounding gardens is on the easternmost prominatory of the city. untouched by the Cataclysm Nobles who couldn't escape congregated here eventually forming the Court.


the strong fences and even stronger buildings of the Mansion mean that the Courts hired guards are able to fend off any threat that has come thus far and the open fertile grounds form the only secure, farmable land within the city itself.

This security provides the Court with a heightened sense of entitlement; raiding other groups, slavery and hedonism are their halmarks. Though they attempt yo hide this beyond a facade of what they think are manners befitting a noble.

The Court regularly clashes with the slum dwellers, whom they raid for slaves and entertainment.

The Govenor's Court

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