The Vault

Near the centre of Pindimar the Vault was the city prison. originally used to house those awaiting sentencing and inmates who were pressed into forced labour to pay off their crimes it was designed for defensebility within and without.

From the outside the Vault looked like a mini fortress, with 4 high stone walls with wooden defensive platforms on each corner where archer marksmen kept an eye on the walls and inmates within. There was only one gate into the complex, with two portcullus', creating an ante chamber of sorts with murderholes in the roof.

in the centre of the rectangular yard was a wide, sturdy prison building. 2 stories high with thin narrow windows. The yard around the building was bare to provide clear lines of fire for the archers on the towers and walls.

Prisoners would assemble in the yard before heading out to work duty, or be allowed minimums of sunshine and exercise where they could be observed.

The top floor of the building housed the offices of the prison staff including the Prison Warden who ran the complex. the ground floor housed the gaurds qauters which sat between the prinsoners and the only doors. This floor also had the mess hall where both prisoners and guards ate in shifts.

The cells were located at the back of this floor and one floor below ground, where they couldn't escape. Finally there were rumours of a second below ground floor which housed isolation cells for political prisoners and those deemed to evil even to hang.

Since the Cataclysm the Vault lies abandoned. The front left corner of the outer wall was destroyed in the events and it became a lair for Goblins and other ner-do-wells. about 50 years ago a group of Paladins and Clerics arived in Phandalin and cleared the prison. They have since turned it into a Temple to their God and have been working day and night to clear up the mess and rebuild the wall. Many are interested as to why they would choose a prison for their Temple.


The Vault

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